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Not dead (maybe)

2017-08-08 06:46:19 by PaintUser

Actually, i'm still dead MadnessCombat-er but here u go


2017-04-13 10:45:19 by PaintUser

Noone cares, but it's my birthday... maybe. It's 23:4~ of 13th of April in my region and it's my BD.
I'm not saying, that you have to do something, i just wanna tell u about that date.
@Grumpy666 <-- Cool dude
@GLaDOS55 <-- Nice guy
Grumpy's present
GLaDOS55's present (Dat cat (my cat, lol) is awesome)


Wtf am i doing?

2017-03-30 00:27:30 by PaintUser

I've noticed 14 followers on my page and... i don't understand why did you subscribe at me.

Well, i have nothing to do, so you can ask me to make some sprites. Just give me a message and tell what do you want and i (maybe) will draw'n'give to ya.

And... here's some rules. cuz' i'm too bad to keep these rules off

  1. I just CAN'T make lots of sprites at low time
  2. If you'll use my sprites give credits
  3. Sometimes i make shit, so you'd better to not count on me too much.
  4. If u order, tell me where will you use it, so i can know where can i find my sprites
  5. I can possibly decline the order if i don't like the idea ot the orderer
  6. I always make shit, so don't ask me to make awesome sprites like Gabriel's character with hair or smthng kind of it
  7. I can draw some weapons AND characters, lol

Crap animation

2016-12-30 10:17:43 by PaintUser

I've made some animations, trying to make like NCH studios, here what happened.


No sound


The last. Crap